Warner Archive Textiles – Bizarre Silk

Warner Archive Textiles – Bizarre Silk
June 21, 2017 may

This month saw Maria preparing a Bizarre silk sample, belonging to the Warner Archive Textiles of Braintree, ready for display at Gainsborough’s House (Sudbury, Suffolk) as part of their ‘Silk: From Spitalfields to Sudbury’ exhibition which opened on 17th June, 2017.

The object needed to be surface cleaned, creases eased and then mounted.


The conservation work in progress …

23. Humidification and easing of creases, DCwebsite

Humidification and easing of creases: here the silk is pinned out during treatment

… and the conservation work complete …

24. Face, object stitched on display board, ACwebsite

Mounted Bizarre Silk sample designed by James Leman, after conservation


You can see this lovely piece on display until 8 October 2017 at Gainsborough’s House: http://www.gainsborough.org/event/silk-from-spitalfields-to-sudbury/