Re-instatement of the Bantry Standard

Re-instatement of the Bantry Standard
February 4, 2012 mg_may

May had an enjoyable weekend at Bantry House, County Cork in Ireland. The purpose of the visit was to hand deliver the Standard, after conservation treatment, and assist with the re-instatement. Bantry Blog.

The Standard was fitted back on to its original pole in the Entrance Hall where it used to be, approximately 20 years ago. The photograph shows May securing the fixings for the pole, in the rather dark environment of the Entrance Hall.

J118 Bantry banner reinstallement 2, website

Egerton was pleased to see this important historic Standard back where it belongs, and is pictured holding the Standard, in front of the portrait of the 1st Earl of Bantry who earned this title in 1796 resisting the French.

J118 Bantry banner reinstallement 1, website