Firescreen for a private owner

This firescreen has a hardwood frame over which a fabric cover is drawn featuring a Tibetan dancer.  The lively image is embroidered in a range of techniques, such as appliqué of pretty fabrics, laid cords and embroidery stitching, all used to great effect.

The firescreen is still in use and had suffered wear and tear on the appliquéd fabrics, and the top edge where it was regularly picked up.

The treatment was simple but effective, and involved surface cleaning and consolidation of worn areas. The frayed and lifting threads were secured by stitching and the application of a protective layer of conservation net in a matching colour.

On the top edge and corners, the fabric was slightly adjusted and supported onto a fabric backing.

The owner can now continue to enjoy this attractive piece, which was brought back by a family member from their travels in the past; when the firescreen is moved around it is now handled with greater care.

Project Gallery

Firesceen with a cover featuring a Tibetan dancer before treatment.
Detail of embroidery with appliqué fabrics before treatment.
Detail of the worn fabrics of appliqué fabrics before treatment.
Detail of stitching thee net in place.
Detail after treatment.
Firescreen after treatment.
Top corner worn by regular handling, before treatment.
Top corner with the fabric readjusted and secured, after treatment.