Wet Cleaning

The studio has excellent facilities for wet cleaning, including a large stainless steel wash table, which can accommodate most objects.

Not all textiles can be wet cleaned and each object is thoroughly tested for wash fastness before embarking on such treatment.  The tests will also inform the choice of cleaning methods applied to each object.

The studio has the capacity to tailor the treatment with custom made arrangements, and where necessary we have the contacts to engage specialist services elsewhere.

Wet cleaning the ecclesiastical fragments.
Copehood fragments prepared for wet cleaning.
The paper backing on the reverse re-aligned during the wet cleaning process.
Wash bath samples of cleaning Copehood 206g
Wet cleaning a large hanging in the wash bath.
Wet cleaning trials.
Cleaning trial using IMS and suction.
Testing the colours for washfastness.
Colour fastness tests before wet cleaning.
Wet cleaning fringe trimmings in a long wash bath.
Sponging through wool fringe trimmings.